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The Students: Beating the Odds

Millions of students and parents struggle with the mind's restlessness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, the puzzling disorientation of dyslexia, the detachment of Asperger's Syndrome or the disconnect of Nonverbal Learning Disorder. These hardships may seem daunting in the classroom and elsewhere, but The Janus School can help.

Here at Janus, there is no such thing as a "typical" student. Each is unique. The diagnosis of a learning difference helps us understand how a child learns, but it should not define your child. We believe in harnessing your child's strengths and bringing them to life. At Janus, learning will still be challenging, but by no means impossible.

Diversity is the rule

A balanced education is not complete without a unique student population, each individual with his or her own story. We teach male and female students hailing from a wide 13-county area and from varying backgrounds. Each student arrives at The Janus School with his or her own needs, gifts and learning style.

The Janus approach

Rather than allowing a label to hinder your child's education, we apply a full understanding toward his or her unique needs, and offer an opportunity for excellence both in and outside the classroom.

"... [O]ur son is not only getting an academic education from Janus, but … he has found a place where he can get the support he needs to be himself."

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